When designing an appropiate rehabilitation program for different cases it is imperative that the goals are achievable. I can help here too! If there are things you don't have time for or maybe don't have as much experience in, I may be able to assist to help achieve the goals we're aiming for.






Rehabilitation work

I have a lot of experience long-reining horses and have had some great results with horses that have had back issues, sacroiliac issues, weakness behind and in some cases are just wonky! Sessions are 30-45 minutes and over time will build up to raised pole work, both at trot and canter all of which can be mirrored in ridden work as well. In some cases however it can be beneficial to remove the rider from the equation until the horse is stronger and better balanced.

In cases where dogs require rehabilitation I can work alongside veterinarians and  hydrotherapists to ensure recovery from injury and, in some cases, surgery is as successful as possible. In similar ways to how we might go through physiotherapy, I can use wobble boards and cushions, which can increase propioception, balance and core strength, design exercises to improve strength, flexibility and coordination whilst also ensuring the dog as a whole maintains optimal health.

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