Price List



Horses: 1st consultation (approx 1-1.5hrs) - £55 

         Follow up/MOT session (approx 1 hr) - £50


Dogs: 1st consultation (approx 1 hr)            - £40 

       Follow up/MOT session (approx 45mins)  - £35


1st consultations allow for familiarisation with the animal and a full history write up.


All sessions include a full body assessment and gait analysis followed by massage, joint mobilisation, manipulation, stretching and if required the use of ultrasound, PEMF or phototherapy. Also a rehabilitation plan/exercises will be provided if needed.


Electrotherapy modalities: Price dependant on situation


Long reining (30-45 minutes): From £25/session

Long reining lessons (maximum 1 hour): From £35/session


Pole clinics:

Individual (maximum 45 minutes): £35

Group (number dependant on school size): from £20/person



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